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a full-service consulting, training, research, and facilitation
company helping public, private, and non-profit organizations' improvement performance for several

     Improving individual and organizational performance through best practice-based planning, assessment, strategic solutions, metrics, tools and techniques http://webdesignmaster.net/jja/services/
     A full-service guarantee for all our consulting, training, facilitation, products, and research services http://webdesignmaster.net/jja/about/
     Active and engaging facilitation tools and techniques for results http://webdesignmaster.net/jja/services/
     Ongoing research, identification, and sharing of functional and organizational best practices for performance improvement http://webdesignmaster.net/jja/services/
     Customized curriculum design and over 600 off-the-shelf competency-based training modules in instructor-led, on-line, or computer-based formats http://webdesignmaster.net/jja/services/

JJA CONSULTANTS’ success and growth is based on providing competitive products and services to public, private, and non-profit sector customers.Read More

JJA CONSULTANTS develops and delivers off-the-shelf and customized training materials

  • JJA Consultants was recently awarded a multi-year, multi-million dollar  BPA by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide HUD Managers' Training and General Skills Training, Development and Delivery.  Congratulations on this Award.