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Selected Projects


JJA Consultants has, over the past several decades, completed over 1300 projects and served over 750 customers in public and private sector organizations in several product and service areas and sectors. Below we provide a representative sample of recent projects from over 30 clients that can attest to the quality of our training, consulting, research, and facilitation services. You may review the list by client or by project title.

Client Organization

Project Title

8th Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation

Human Resource Research and Team Facilitation Project

Arlington County, Virginia

Business Process Reengineering

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Organizational Assessment and Restructuring

Centers for Disease Control

Diversity-Based Organizational Assessment and Training Support

Defense Finance and Accounting Services

Benchmarking of Finance and Accounting Functions

Defense Logistics Agency

Customer Service and Benchmarking Training

District of Columbia Habitat for Humanity

Strategic Planning Retreat

District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority

Strategic Planning, Customer Service and Leadership Training and Consulting Services

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Technical Operations Collegiate Training Initiative (TO-CTI) Program Evaluation

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) Program Evaluation, Training, and Conference Management

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Leadership Competency Model and Curriculum Development Training

Federal Highway Administration

Process-based Benchmarking Initiative

General Services Administration

Development of Statistical Baseline for Elapsed Time of Acquisitions

Government Accountability Office

Nationwide Diversity Consulting and Training Initiative

Hewlett Packard

Supplier Quality and Performance Excellence

Howard University

Quality, Customer Service, and Strategic Planning


Strategic Technology Mapping and Strategic Planning

Import/Export Bank

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Internal Revenue Service

Leadership Development and Executive Coaching Services

Legal Services Corporation

Organizational Assessment of the Office of Information Management

Miami Dade County

Diversity Leadership Training Initiative

Miami Dade County

Comprehensive Leadership Competency Model and Countywide Leadership Development Training

National Association for Securities Professionals

Board of Director's Planning Retreat Facilitation

National Science Foundation

EEO, Prevention of Sexual Harassment Reasonable Accommodation and Diversity Training

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

EBAT/Baldrige Performance Excellence System Assessment and Consultation

Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO)

Comprehensive Quality Management and Organizational Transformation

South Florida Water Management District

Release of Reservation Process/Cost Analysis

South Florida Water Management District

South Florida Water Management Reengineering and Benchmarking Project

State of Washington

Organizational Quality Improvement / Training Services

US Department of Agriculture

Review of Multicultural Workforce Initiatives

US Department of Agriculture Office of Administration

Team building, Diversity Strategic Planning and Performance Improvement

US Department of Agriculture Office of Outreach

Organizational Assessment and Restructuring. Process Analysis and Reengineering

US Department of Agriculture Rural Development

Strategic Planning and Retreat Facilitation

US Navy

High-Level Work System and Process Assessment

US Department of Agriculture Rural Development

Labor Management Relations and Facilitation of Union Contract Negotiations

US Department of Commerce, NTIA

Technology Operations Program Project Survey, Analysis, and Report

US Department of Energy;

Comprehensive Quality Transformation and Baldrige-based Quality Award System

US Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization

Customer Service Transformation

US Department of Veteran's Affairs

Diversity Curriculum Design

US Environmental Protection Agency

Executive Development

US Forest Service

Civil Rights Consulting and Training

US Forest Service

Cost and Best Value Analysis and Evaluation

US Forest Service

Harambe Facilitation

US Forest Service Office of Civil Rights

Employment and Program Compliance Assessments, Support with MD-715 and Chief's Report, and Class Action Support

US Information Agency (USIA)

Restructuring, Reorganization and Staffing

US Navy

High-Level Work System and Process Assessment

Washington Gas

Quality and Customer-Driven Transformation Support

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