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Diversity and Inclusion



Diversity Solutions products and services are offered to public- and private-sector organizations interested in addressing all aspects of diversity including race, gender, experience, culture, education, religion, profession, and other unique diversity characteristics. JJA CONSULTANTS provides consulting and research services to assist individuals and organizations in performing comprehensive, diversity-based organizational culture and training needs assessments; developing diversity improvement strategies; and identifying and closing performance improvement gaps. Our focus is to achieve high-performing work environments that enrich interaction, promote synergy, and maximize innovation. JJA CONSULTANTS offers several consulting and research products and services including the following areas:

Diversity Solutions Assessment Toolkit

Our firm provides state-of-the-art toolkits that consist of a comprehensive methodology, hands-on surveys and instruments, and step-by-step instructions for assessing and addressing diversity-related issues and improving performance at the individual, work-unit and organizational levels.

360° Diversity Assessment

Services include tools, facilitation, consultation, analysis, interpretation, recommendations for improvement, and technical support for the implementation of comprehensive 360o individual and organizational diversity and cultural competency assessments. The assessment utilizes evaluative one-on-one interviews, focus group sessions, and survey instruments that can be administered to employees, supervisors, managers, customers, and suppliers to define strengths and opportunities at the individual, team, work-unit, and organizational levels providing bottom-line performance measures and improvement recommendations.

Diversity-Based Strategic Planning

Services include development and implementation of organizational or work-unit diversity-based, strategic, tactical, and operational plans. Our methodology includes best practices-based facilitation of internal and external data collection, analysis, identification of results-driven diversity improvement strategies, and implementation support.

Diversity-Focused Benchmarking and Market Research

Our firm performs benchmarking research to identify, customize, and implement best practices in the diversity area for clients. We define needs, requirements, and marketing strategies for diverse populations, and provide assistance with improving market segmentation, market access, product differentiation, and linkage of sales and marketing strategies to diversity goals and objectives.

Diversity Performance Gap Closure

Services ultimately focus on performance improvement and gap closure through implementation of customized, diversity-based plans at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels; facilitation of diversity steering committees and improvement teams; management of diversity databases; recruitment planning; succession planning; and retention support.


JJA CONSULTANTS provides supporting methodologies, toolkits, curriculum, and performance improvement packages designed to ensure organizations achieve results in the following diversity-related areas:

  • Diversity Assessment

  • Internship and Mentor Programs

  • Training, Development, and Continuous Learning

  • Affirmative Selection Process

  • Core Competency Evaluation

  • Diversity Strategic Planning and Business Case Development

  • Cultural Competency and Race Relations

  • Settlement Agreements

  • Workforce and Succession Planning

  • Reward and Recognition Systems

  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment

  • Civil Rights Impact Assessments

  • Customer Management Systems

  • Diversity Performance Measures and Scorecards

  • ADA, Flexible Workplace, and Reasonable Accommodation

  • Promotion and Career Path Development

  • Diversity Awareness Education and Training

  • Diversity Policies, Laws, Regulations, and Directives

  • Customer Education, Training, and Development

  • Diverse Customer Communications

  • Market Diversity Profile and Access

  • Customer Diversity Assessments

  • Targeted Outreach and Marketing Strategies

  • EEO, Affirmative Action, and Employment Compliance

  • Diverse Market Assessment, Analysis, and Incentives

  • Diversity and Inclusion Practices


Element One: Project Planning, Structure, and Business Case

  • Comprehensive project, diversity-based workplan and structure, agreement on deliverables, performance measures and timelines

  • Diversity-based quarterly performance review and progress reports with deliverables and measurable results

  • Development and articulation of diversity business case for organization

Element Two: Diversity-Based Assessment and Scorecard

  • A customized methodology for conducting diversity assessments

  • Identification of strengths, opportunities, perceptions, and facts related to diversity performance metrics

  • Baseline diversity assessment data and information with comparisons to best practices in diversity management

  • Scorecard, annual comparative assessment, and results tracking

Element Three: Development of Diversity-Based Strategic Plan and Metrics

  • A diversity-based strategic plan aligned with corporate strategy

  • Diversity mission, vision and goals, strategies, and expected results

  • Strategy document for dissemination across the organization

  • High-priority diversity initiatives, timelines, and owning parties

Element Four: Diversity Awareness Training for Leadership

  • Practical diversity and cultural competency tools and techniques

  • Diversity deployment action plans prepared by managers

  • Training materials and toolkits for immediate application

  • Follow-up implementation sessions focused on work-unit needs

Element Five: Diversity Awareness Training for Staff

  • Practical, diversity-based tools and techniques provided to all employees for individual and work-unit development

  • Personal diversity improvement action plans developed by employees

  • Training materials containing toolkits for immediate application

Element Six: Training and Facilitation of Diversity Steering Council

  • Diversity Steering Council members trained to coordinate, facilitate, and implement the diversity strategic plan

  • Guidelines on implementation of an effective Diversity Council

  • Development of specific organizational work products related to diversity improvement

Element Seven: Train-the-Trainer, Champions, and Facilitators

  • A team of well-trained professionals able to deliver the Diversity Solutions curriculum throughout the organization

  • A group of champions and facilitators of the diversity improvement effort with knowledge and key skills for implementation and support

Element Eight: Implement Support for Pilot Teams and Performance Gap Closure

  • High-return, enterprise-wide pilot diversity project teams

  • Focus on strategic diversity initiatives designed to improve recruitment and retention of diverse employees and service to the diverse customer base

  • Enterprise-wide diversity guidelines for inclusion-based communication, recruitment, and retention



Customized, competency-based diversity awareness and implementation training is offered at the Executive, Manager, and Supervisor levels and provides the tools and techniques for leaders to develop and manage a diverse work environment. The curriculum focuses on how to utilize the diverse skills and talents of individuals to achieve the organization’s vision and goals, and provides tools and techniques to effectively identify and address the impact of personal and professional biases and prejudices, improve teamwork, and to communicate and resolve conflict. The curriculum also includes deployment of employment policies, practices, hiring, recruitment, interviewing, and EEO laws and guidelines.



This customized diversity curriculum provides employees with the fundamental definitions, knowledge, and key concepts of workplace diversity. Tools, techniques, and competencies to assist employees in improving diversity awareness, tolerance, cultural competency, and performance excellence are offered. The curriculum effectively addresses personal biases and prejudices, teamwork and cooperation, conflict resolution, communication, attitudes, and behaviors for personal diversity performance improvement



This curriculum is designed to assist individuals and teams who intend to facilitate the delivery of the Diversity Solutions curriculum internally within their organizations. The training develops the in-depth understanding and knowledge of potential trainers in the area of diversity management and improvement, and provides required facilitation skills necessary for successful delivery of the curriculum at various levels.



This curriculum provides Diversity Committees with the concepts, approaches, and methodology for successful implementation of a diversity improvement charter, focusing on results-driven, proven diversity strategies and solutions, roles, responsibilities, focus areas, and structure of the diversity committee.



Diversity Solutions Conferences are available to provide a forum for sharing and gaining new knowledge, networking, and discussing diversity-related issues and solutions strategies deployed by world-class organizations. Diversity Solutions Conferences can be customized for internal presentation or provided as an open public forum to communities, associations, and other public entities.



The Diversity Solutions workshop can be delivered as an in-house curriculum or public forum and is designed to assist human resource professionals, diversity managers, and all levels of leaders and managers to develop and implement organizational, leadership, personal, and public diversity solutions to move toward full productivity in their workforce. Participants will learn implementable strategies to assist them in addressing complex diversity issues in the workplace.

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