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Executive Coaching

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The JJA CONSULTANTS Executive Coaching Series is designed to assist new, transitional and experienced executives in acquiring next-generation leadership and management skills and improving bottom-line organizational performance. JJA CONSULTANTS Executive Coaching Series consists of results-oriented consulting and training products, and tools and services delivered through a series of facilitated interactions between professional coaches and participating executives. A customized program is designed for each executive participant to assess, evaluate and enhance their ability to lead and manage people, processes and performance. The program is designed to assist each executive with leadership, decision-making, relationship management and overall performance improvement. The JJA CONSULTANTS team of experienced coaches delivers next-generation core competencies to executives to prepare them to meet the challenges facing both public- and private-sector organizations in the new millennium. The Executive Coaching Series is available in three programs:

New Executives

Designed to assist new executives in understanding and meeting the individual, team, stakeholder and organizational challenges and performance expectations of executive-level leadership.

Transitional Executives

Designed to enhance the skills and competencies of executives that have changed jobs or have been given increased responsibilities and desire enhanced tools, techniques and methods to define and address new challenges.

Experienced Executives

Designed to assist experienced executives to build on current strengths and enhance strategic leadership elements to improve individual, team, stakeholder and organizational performance.

The Executive Coaching Model has eight essential elements:

Element One:
Executive Coaching Participant Selection

  • Executive Coaching Program Goals and Objectives
  • Executive Selection Criteria
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Core Competency Evaluation and Alignment
  • Executive Recruitment Process


Element Two:
Next-Generation Executive Leadership Awareness Training

  • Leadership Core Competencies

  • Next-Generation Leadership Expectations

  • Leadership Best Practices from World-Class Organizations

  • Tools for Leading in the Public and Private Sectors


Element Three:
360 Degree Assessment of Executive Performance

  • Self-Assessment

  • Peer Assessment

  • Stakeholder Assessment

  • Superior Assessment

  • Subordinate Assessment

  • Individual Executive Development Plan


Element Four:
On-Site Executive Observation and Core Competency Evaluation On-the-Job Evaluation of the Following Elements:

  • Communication, Articulation and Interaction

  • Proactive and Reactive Management Skills

  • Executive Presence, Command, Control and Authority

  • Receptivity and Reception by Others

Element Five:
Coaching Sessions, Mentorship and Shadow Program

  • One-on-One Feedback
  • Critical Skills Analysis
  • Root Cause and Factor Analysis
  • Skill Building and Improvement Plan Implementation
  • Mentorship by Experienced Executives


Element Six:
Group Learning and Executive Forums on Best Business Practices

  • Superior-to-Subordinate Sessions

  • Peer-to-Peer Sessions

  • Group Learning Sessions

  • Management Training and Development

  • Team Problem Solving and Communication


Element Seven:
Progress Reporting and Trend Analysis

  • Program Progress Reporting

  • Individual Assessment of Current Performance Levels

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Learning

  • Ongoing Core Competencies and Development Plan

  • Trend Monitoring and Comparative Benchmarking


Element Eight:
Certification and Continuous Self-Learning

  • Ongoing 360 Degree Evaluation

  • Program Evaluation

  • Examination

  • Certification by Coach

  • Continuous Learning and Application of Best Practices


The Executive Coaching Series offers ongoing leadership training in the following areas::

  • Leadership and Management Attributes

  • Managing Change & Organizational Transformation

  • Vision, Core Values and Work Culture

  • Strategic, Tactical and Operational Planning

  • Innovative Best Business Practices

  • Customer Satisfaction Management

  • Next-Generation Problem Solving Tools

  • Superior and Subordinate Relationships

  • Conflict Management

  • Stakeholder Identification and Management

  • Balanced Performance Scorecard

  • Data-Driven Performance Management

  • Employee Satisfaction Management

  • Diversity Enhancement

  • Employment Compliance

  • Process Management and Improvement

  • >Program Evaluation

  • Technology Integration and Management

  • Teamwork and Relationship Management

  • Listening and Communication Skills

  • Delegation and Empowerment

  • Supplier Partnership

  • Business Performance Results

  • Work Ethics and Integrity

  • Recruitment and Retention

  • Performance Feedback

  • Knowledge Management

  • Creative Problem Solving and Innovation

  • Process Control and Reengineering


The Executive Coaching Series enables participating executives to enhance core competencies in the following areas:

  • Competitive Business Results

  • Visionary Leadership

  • Teamwork and Communication Skills

  • Analytic and Innovative Thinking Skills

  • Ability to Inspire Trust and Motivate Action

  • Process Knowledge and Technical Credibility

  • Decisiveness and Responsiveness

  • Continuous Development and Improvement

  • Organization Development and Visioning

  • Partnering and Relationship Management

  • Use of Data and Information for Decision-Making

  • Adaptability and Ability to Manage Environment

  • Participation and Empowerment

  • Leadership Presence and Professionalism

  • Proactive Behaviors and Problem Solving Skills

  • Influence and Negotiation

  • Customer Servicing and External Awareness

  • People Developmen

  • Business Acumen and Political Astuteness

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