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Strategic Planning


The JJA CONSULTANTS Strategic Workforce Planning product line is designed to assist public- and private sector organizations and their leaders to address the workforce issues of the next millennium by developing and implementing cost-effective strategies for human resource management and transition. JJA CONSULTANTS’ Strategic Workforce Planning product line consists of results-oriented consulting and training tools and support services that can be customized to the client’s unique needs. Our products and services are developed based on our extensive research in over 800 public- and private-sector organizations, and our analysis of trend data and projections related to human performance drivers including global cultural transformations, generational hierarchies of needs, workforce attitudes and technological challenges. Our products and services include:

Environmental Scanning and Gap Analysis

Our company performs both internal and external environmental scans to define the current and future states of client organizations. Our firm utilizes access to worldwide databases and tools to analyze relevant regional and national workforce data, conditions, trends and challenges and defines its impact on the client organization. Our internal environmental scans include the use of state-of-the-art tools and instruments to review and analyze organizational workforce data, demographics, core competencies, past and present employee satisfaction data, and complaints. Qualitative and quantitative data is analyzed and correlated to identify strengths, weaknesses, threats, opportunities, performance gaps and relevant best practices.

Strategic, Tactical and Operational Workforce Planning

We will assist with the development and facilitation of a systematic, results-oriented approach to strategic workforce planning that results in the alignment of the mission, vision and priorities of the organization with the human resource and staffing requirements, core competencies, recruitment and retention challenges, diversity and succession plans. The process and tools utilized by JJA CONSULTANTS will ensure stakeholder involvement and development of a results-oriented master plan implementable at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Rapid Personnel Transitioning

We provide tools, techniques and technical support to organizations to implement Rapid Personnel Transitioning (RPT). This methodology involves assisting organizations in implementing a system that will rapidly transition new, temporary and transitional personnel into and out of an organization, severely lessening the negative impact to productivity, efficiency and effectiveness that usually results from turnover.

Competency Alignment and Development

JJA CONSULTANTS’ data-driven approach to core competency definition, alignment and development begins with the development of competency profiles based on research and collection of baseline mission-driven data and information. State-of-the-art instruments are used to conduct 360° assessments of individual performance to validate and finalize the competencies and align them with the organization’s current and future requirements. The assessment results are used as input to the development of individual and group performance improvement plans. We also provide assistance in development and delivery of next-generation competency-based training curriculum, coaching to assist with core competency development, and implementation of performance improvement action plans and scorecards for monitoring of competency development actions.

Knowledge Capture, Integration and Management

Organizational productivity is highly impacted by turnover, downsizing and retirements. One of the key issues in today’s workforce is knowledge management in the face of the trends in worker longevity. We will assist with the identification of core knowledge and competency areas for the client organization. Information capture, storage and retrieval options are identified and a system is developed to house, maintain and manage resident knowledge. We then assists the client with the development and implementation of a customized strategy for collecting, integrating, managing and disseminating resident knowledge to and from new, temporary and transitioning employees.

Succession Planning and Executive Development

JJA CONSULTANTS works with client organizations to manage workforce transitions at the executive level. We provide state-of-the-art methodologies and tools for defining and mapping the executive competencies, skill sets, capabilities and requirements to the current workforce; identifying and assessing competency levels and deficiencies; and developing and implementing succession management strategies for managers and executives in key positions. Our products and services include tools, executive facilitation, plan development, executive training, development and coaching in leadership core competencies, and implementation support.

Workforce Analysis and Management Systems and Human Capital Scorecards

Workforce data analysis and management are critical to the implementation of a successful workforce plan. Our company provides assistance to organizations with the design and customization of integrated tools for workforce analysis, planning and management by competency, skill, job, or level. System modules include, but are not limited to Competency Database, Current Workforce Profile, Future Predictive Models, Data Capture and Management Systems, Standard Metrics, and the Human Capital Scorecard which manages and monitors performance against plan.

Diversity Management

Our company assists client organizations with all aspects of developing and maintaining an inclusive, highly productive, and diverse workforce. Our products and services include workforce diversity assessments, development of integrated workforce diversity plans, diversity performance scorecards, diversity training and competency development at all levels, and diversity engagement tools.

Selected Leadership Competencies

Implementation of JJA CONSULTANTS Strategic Workforce Planning product line enables clients to address challenges in the following areas:

  • Workforce Diversity

  • Strategic Organizational Alignment

  • Employee Satisfaction

  • Competency Assessment and Alignment

  • Recruitment and Retention

  • Succession Planning

  • Workforce Reduction

  • Workload Balancing

  • Reverse Discrimination

  • Employment Compliance

  • Leadership Development

  • Knowledge and Skills Gaps

  • Performance Measurement and Analysis

  • Workforce Development

  • Workforce Information Management

  • SES Candidate Development

  • Knowledge Integration

  • Human Resource Strategies

  • Employee Engagement

  • Integrated Human Resource Planning

  • Workforce Ethics and Integrity

  • Employee and Stakeholder Involvement

  • Benchmarking of Best Practices

  • Balanced Human Capital Scorecard

  • Data-Driven HR Management

  • Workforce Development Strategies

  • Competency-Based Training

  • Mission Alignment

  • Knowledge Management

  • Workforce Megatrends

  • Involvement Stakeholder

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